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Is your digital and print creative at its full potential?
Be sure of it — with Tangible Impact.

We design, test and optimize high-performance creative for offline and all digital marketing campaigns: display, search, social and email.

Because you deserve creative that performs.

Creating Your Campaign Success

You can have the best product, a great offer, the right audience and ideal marketing channels, but your creative can be the difference between a campaign that succeeds and a campaign that doesn’t.

We have the decades of in-depth experience, marketing discipline, and testing expertise to make sure your creative is working hard - and not just costing you money.

Our Clients Love Results

From short term projects to decade-long relationships, our clients know Tangible Impact can deliver.

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Beth Sibbring

Beth Sibbring

Business Development

Beth has been a leader in digital marketing for decades. At CompuServe, Beth led the launch of many of the Internet's first e-commerce services, from banking to mapping to travel reservation systems. After CompuServe was acquired by AOL, Beth...

Carol Workman

Carol Workman

Client Services

Carol has been engaged in digital marketing for 20 years. Her early roles focused on managing member acquisition efforts for CompuServe & AOL. As the Internet evolved into a viable channel, she applied traditional direct response testing principals across marketing campaigns...

Adam Wayda

Adam Wayda

Analyst / Art Director

Adam has always been a “numbers guy”. So when he realized how much data was involved in marketing, he knew he’d found his calling and a more interesting alternative to finance. He then brought together his love of art, design and statistics to develop creative tests...

We started out back in 2000 as the AOL Performance Management Team, a pioneering, creative testing and optimization unit within AOL's Interactive Marketing division.

We knew then what we know now – that creative can be the difference between failure and success. So in those early years, we made it our mission to help AOL marketers – Amazon, eBay, Kellogg's, Ford, Citibank, Netflix and scores of others – test, analyze and optimize their campaign creative. We learned a great deal about creative best practices and strategic testing, then leveraged it to the success of many major marketing campaigns across the AOL/Time-Warner Network.

Building on this success, in 2004, we founded Tangible Impact, a boutique agency dedicated to creative design, testing and optimization for digital marketers across the Internet. We've since expanded to deftly handle both offline marketing and highly technical development initiatives, through our partnership with BFIS.

Today, we remain true to this focus, providing marketers like you with campaign creative built to perform.

Tangible Impact - Columbus, OH

Columbus, OH

Beth Sibbring
Business Development

Tangible Impact - Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.

Carol Workman
Project Management

Tangible Impact - Portland, OR

Portland, OR

Adam Wayda
Art Director / Analyst

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5778 Rushwood Drive | Dublin, OH 43017

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